About Us

Who We Are

We are Tool Bazaar.pk. One of the first on-line store for construction Industry in Pakistan. where you can get majority variety of civil construction equipment and goods with best reasonable prices. Toolbazaar.pk is project of the leading Company M/S HIGH LOGISTIC TRADES for the Supply of Civil Construction Equipment in Pakistan for Past 10 Years. HLT are being importers and suppliers while introducing innovative latest technologies in Pakistan in the Field of Construction Industry.

What we really do?

Our On-Line Store have Seller's Store, That enable Seller to Sell Their Products Through Our Platform.

History of the Company

Our history is Vast in age of time. Our grandfather started the Construction Machinery business Since 1959. This is the third generation in this construction industry with different names.

Our Vision

Beside being business oriented. Our Main vision is promote construction Industry of Pakistan. In this few span of time we believe Pakistan as best development country and nation with wide vision. We want to make better Pakistan and this we will do it.

Cooperate with Us!

We look forward for our client importance. We will be looking forward to our client's satisfaction as this we consider our main priority. We hope to bring new innovative ideas for our Clients which help in provide us the best solution. We look forward for our client's cooperation.

Our Support Staff will ensure to guide and provide best equipment for your ready reference.

We sell top leading brand from the Globe. Providing the Quality of Equipment in the field of construction is very important. So we only focus on tested and ISO Certified Equipment.

Delivery is very important in the field of construction Instruction. Many Contractors and Construction Job site does not wait for any delays. Our Main Object is to provide equipment on Urgent Bases & On time. We believe this is the success of any business. In the coming time we will improve our self.

Providing prompt reply and service is key of any organisation success. This is our top priority. Our Customer should believe in us, be confident in us and trust us. This is what we want. We ensure our customers to give effective feedback interns of Services.